Friday, 3 April 2015

Top Tips For Decluttering Your Wardrobe

With the months getting warmer, now is the perfect time to make some more of that all-important wardrobe space. If venturing into the darkest depths of your wardrobe leaves you feeling a little uneasy (who knows what you might find in there?!) then check out our easy steps and tips for cleaning out your clothes closet. 
Step 1: Getting organised
  • Give yourself plenty of time to tackle your wardrobe space – one to two hours should be enough. (If it’s been several years since you last delved into the corners of your wardrobe then you may need longer…)
  • Take everything (yes everything!) out of your wardrobe and place it into a pile. You may be surprised to see just how big your pile is as you discover items that you’d completely forgotten you had.
  • Start separating your clothes into the following piles: ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’. ‘Yes’ should be items you frequently wear and couldn’t imagine getting rid of, ‘No’ is items that you’re not bothered about and ‘Maybe’ is that (hopefully) little pile of items that you’re not sure if you’ll wear again. If you’re limited on space, then you can hang items in your ‘Yes’ pile straight back in your wardrobe. Your ‘No’ pile can go into a bin bag, as these will be the clothes you’re getting rid of. Easy, right?

Step 2:  dealing with the dreaded ‘Maybe’ pile (the hardest part!)nrm_1406827036-messy-wardrobe
Usually, sifting through the yes and no pile can be fairly easy, whilst the painstaking ‘maybe’ pile throws up the most issues for a wardrobe spring clean. If you’ve found that you ‘Maybe’ pile is looking a little too large, or perhaps you only have a ‘Yes’ and a ‘Maybe’ pile, then ask yourself the following questions to decide whether each ‘Maybe’ item is worth holding on to. (Please note: strong wills are required!)
- Do I still feel good in it? 
Try the item on and ask yourself if it still makes you look and feel how you wanted to look when you first bought it. If it does, then return it to your ‘Yes’ pile. If it doesn’t, but it could – e.g. with dropping the hem or taking in the waist – then hang onto it to give it some TLC. But if it simple doesn’t look like you hoped it would, then chuck it in the ‘No’ bag – it’s time for that item to move on to pastures  new.
- If I saw this in the shops, would I buy it again?
We’ve all got some spontaneous bargains and random buys in our wardrobe, but don’t hang on to an item simply because you got it for a great price. If you wouldn’t buy your item again in the shops if you saw it, then chuck it in ‘No’ bag.
- When was the last time I wore this item?
If you literally cannot remember when you last wore your item, then it should definitely be in the ‘No’ pile. If you can remember when you last wore it, but it was longer than 6 months ago, then it should still go in the ‘No’ pile. It’s ruthless, but it’s necessary for a good wardrobe clear out.
- Will I ever actually wear this again?
Holding onto a floor length ball gown is all very well and good if you have a glamorous social calendar jam packed with red carpet events, but if cocktail dress or smart trousers are more your kind of thing then you might be unlikely to wear this item again. Ask yourself realistically when you might wear the item again – if you’re holding onto a pair of ski trousers for the rare occasion when you might go skiing in the future, even though you hated it the last time you went and have no intention of ever going again, then let them go.

What if I’ve spent a lot of money on my item?
Sometimes we hold onto things because we know how much money we’ve spent on them, so we’re reluctant to give them away. If you’re clinging on to an old dress that you paid over the odds for or a designer piece that you treated yourself too because of this, then there are other options for cleaning out your clothes closet. More expensive items are often good to sell on through the likes of Ebay or at car boot sales, however remember that you usually have registration costs for these.
Extra Tips:
  • To get an idea of how often you wear items, place them at the front left side of your wardrobe after each time you’ve worn them. After a month, you will have a scale of which items you wear frequently (on the left side of your wardrobe) and which items are gathering dust (on the right).
  • Packing all your chunky knits and winter essentials away into a suitcase over summer will free up wardrobe space, as well as making you feel like you have a whole new set of unseen clothes to wear when Winter comes round again.
  • If throwing away a huge bag of your stuff sounds like your worst nightmare, then why not try the 30 day challenge instead? Every day for the next month give away one item from your ‘No’ pile to spread the decluttering load.
  • Still not sure of what to keep and what to toss away? Then get a second opinion! Friends or family members are great for giving honest feedback on what looks good, and you might be surprised to see how their opinion differs to yours.

 So, what are you waiting for? Get spring cleaning your wardrobe!
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